Domestic Logistics

Three major service advantages

AA Class custom broker in China
Customs specialists stationed at the main ports of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China
Logistics solutions tailored for customer's business at special customs monitored area
Advanced WMS supported warehouse operations
International standard WMS management with professional operation team
24-hour security equipped with high standard safety control system
Advanced management facility and applications (including RF radio fre-quency applications, bar code technology, visualized inventory manage-ment and advanced handling equipment)
Diversified warehouse management capabilities (OBS, non-bonded warehouse, hazardous goods, yard)
ISO9001.2008 international quality control system certification
Advanced TMS system supported customized delivery team
Advanced TMS system and full cargo transportation and tracking mecha-nism (GPS)
Door-to-door delivery for factories, dealers, shopping malls and super-markets
China nationwide service network, comprising road and railway transport and covering nearly 400 class 1, 2 and 3 cities
Customized delivery through flexible arrangement of vehicles and modes for goods of different nature

Our Customs Services

  • Sea and air freight import/export customs clearance
  • Bonded area customs clearance and filing for re-import/re-export
  • Logistics Park of export and import transit operations
  • Hazardous goods or tank container customs clearance
  • Remote customs clearance and declaration
  • Customs seal clearance operations
  • Inspection and quarantine

Our Warehousing and Delivery Services

  • Temporary warehousing for import and export goods
  • Label replacement
  • Sorting and repacking
  • Pallet
  • Warehouse space leasing
  • Inventory management reports
  • Customized delivery services

Business to Business Warehouses

Warehouses Area(㎡)
Shanghai Goodman Warehouse 32,000
Shanghai Return Warehouse 4,500
Shanghai Huier Warehouse 6,000
Shanghai Prologis Warehouse 12,000
Shanghai Global Logistic Properties 6,000
Shenzhen Warehouse 4,500
Wuhan Warehouse 1,600
Chengdu Warehouse 3,600
Hong Kong Tuen Mun Warehouse 1,292
Hong Kong Kwai Chung Warehouse 3,100
Taiwan Taoyuan Warehouse 529
Taiwan Taichung Warehouse 250

E-commerce Warehouse

Warehouse Area(㎡)
Shanghai Distribution Station 2,870
Shanghai Warehouse 470
Guangzhou Warehouse 2,000
Shenzhen Warehouse 2,000

International Logistics Warehouse

Warehouse Area(㎡)
Shanghai Sea Logistics Warehouse 2,500
Shanghai Air Logistics Warehouse 400
Hong Kong Kwai Chung Air Logistics Warehouse 2,007
Hong Kong Tuen Mun Air Logistics Warehouse 2,424